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Kids fascinated and intrigued by the games.
Environmental games : Enviro-Quiz & Enviro-Health.
Environmental games: Enviro-Quiz, Health, Recyclin
7 wheels of chance
Wheels in use at Ste-Therese City
INTELLI-KID offers well-designed educational kits and environmental games for children to parents, school boards, municipalities and organizations that want to teach sciences, environmental and health awareness.

A lot of these kits and games are manufactured in Canada by our company with a strong social, environmental and educational mission. The value of these games has been endorsed by respected bodies such as the Canadian Teacher’s Federation, Environment Canada and Health Canada.

Eco-responsible products and ecological gifts
In response to the growing demand for eco-responsible products, our company has been involved for some years in spreading environmental awareness, and offers many ecological gifts that are reusable, recyclable, unique and fascinating, suitable for small budgets and ready to bring pleasure to adults as well as kids. These are unusual and special products, educational and surprising, arousing the curiosity of anyone - products such as Jumping Beans, Triops, Crystal Soil and the Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica), Mars Sand, Space Snow, Star Beads. They can entertain and educate both at home and in school.

Environmental and Health Games:
Enviro-Health and Enviro-Quiz are fascinating, scientifically documented and interactive games, and are very relevant to current concerns about air pollution, climate change, active lifestyle, the different threats to the environment and endangered species, solution to improve the environment the protection of wild animals. We see these games as an enjoyable aid towards making children (and adults) more aware of environmental and health problems, and encouraging them to take action to ensure a viable environment, population health and good future.

Environmental Quiz Wheel (or Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Chance)
This 33” wheel spins to land on environmentally-themed categories of questions corresponding to a set of quiz cards included in Enviro-Quiz and Enviro-Health games. The Quiz Wheel is ideal for public events, schools and enviro-organizations, where larger groups of children can learn about environmental issues by participating in the game. 

For more information concerning quiz wheels about the environment (ENVIRO-QUIZ) and about recycling, please send a message to info @


 QUIZ WHEEL ON RECYCLING: a new wheel (or Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Chance)
is available now about recycling. It comes with questions and answers in all 22 categories presented on the wheel (plastic, glass, metal, recycling bin, …). In addition to answering the questions, players must also perform mimes to win points. The game is very interactive and players participate with enthusiasm. So, building environmental and recycling awareness becomes an amusing and interesting activity, by means of which the messages are passed more easily. The wheel measures about 33 in diameter.



NEW : INTELLI-KID has developed 7 new wheels of chance related to the environment and over 750 documented questions to educate the population and especially youth to eco-citizenship, the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), the protection of the environment, health issues, threatened animals and biodiversity. These games are available in English and French and are produced in Quebec.   Enviro-Health and Enviro-Quiz games raise the awareness and encourage people to think globally on the problems and solutions related to the environment and health, while the Quiz of the 3 RS + v * encourage to local actions and directs all our daily actions to protect our planet. These wheels can also be used for other topics such as English, math, cultures, peace or world religions. Communication and learning becomes fun and very interactive and you will easily reach your goals for education and cooperation. Two additional wheels are integrated into this package in order to easily invent quizzes of your own.

Note that these games large format are very useful for international days on the environment that you can find at the following address: 

A public activity during the Earth Day or the Canadian Environment week for example, allows to educate and inform many people both while having fun. Moments of relaxation and pleasure in a playful context are the ingredients for a winning combination and highly effective in educating groups. Thus, they adapt very well to child care and day camps.

To provide a valid and credible content, Intelli-Kid has partnered with world wise recognized associations such as: IUCN - World Union for Nature, the World Wildlife Fund - WWF, the Biodôme, the Research Center on sur les matières résiduelles, Recyc-Québec, Montréal city government and many others. We also have the support of the Canadian Federation of teachers.